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Zone-casts is a network of weekly podcasts that cover a variety of topics. Our two current shows are The Echo Chamber, which covers music and video games, and Heel Turn, which covers the crazy world of professional wrestling. New episodes are uploaded every week here on the site as well as on iTunes.

The Echo Chamber

  • Episode 126: So Far I'm Really Liking My Butt Right Now
    Jeff is back this week to update us on where he's been, and totally not just playing video games! Topics include: Memorial Day, Rock Band charting, Chip's Challenge, Rock Band 4, E3 coming up, anime stuff, Ducktales lo...
    Posted 06/01/15

  • Episode 125: Go Back to Your Hug Box
    Jeff is out this week, but there is no stopping this Nintendo hype train. Mystakin got a Wii U! Topics include: writing love songs, hugging death machines, Splatoon, Virtual Console, Amiibo, Nintendo World Championships,...
    Posted 05/19/15

  • Episode 124: Klingon Kongress
    Kind of a slow week this time. Topics include: eating roadkill, Rock Band 4 instruments, capitalism, anime bs, deck building, Joss Whedon, and more!
    Posted 05/11/15

  • Episode 123: Honey Jackflaps
    Happy Birthday, Jeff! Topics include: Obama, Banjo-Kazooie, Valve paid mods, Paul Blart (as usual), Subway Joust, Ninja Warrior, Elite Beat Agents, and more!
    Posted 05/04/15

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Heel Turn

  • 11/05/14
    Owen and John are joined by returning guest Mystakin for Episode 101 to discuss the WWE Network being on fire, the return of Mr. McMahon, the person to beat Rusev, Sami Zayn's redemption tour, and more!
    Posted 11/06/14

  • 10/29/14
    On the 100th episode (which we totally forgot about), Owen and John discuss desert RKOs, Elimination Chamber rumors, WWE 2K15, Hell in a Cell results, and more!
    Posted 10/30/14

  • 10/22/14
    John and Owen reluctantly prepare for Hell in a Cell by discussing Orton/Cena AGAIN, which match should end the night, give their full predictions, and more!
    Posted 10/24/14

  • 10/15/14
    John returns to join Owen to discuss the latest WWE firings, Daniel Bryan's health, Bondtista, the lackluster build for Hell in a Cell, and more!
    Posted 10/16/14

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