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  • Episode 126: So Far I'm Really Liking My Butt Right Now
    Jeff is back this week to update us on where he's been, and totally not just playing video games! Topics include: Memorial Day, Rock Band charting, Chip's Challenge, Rock Band 4, E3 coming up, anime stuff, Ducktales lo...
    Posted 06/01/15

  • Episode 125: Go Back to Your Hug Box
    Jeff is out this week, but there is no stopping this Nintendo hype train. Mystakin got a Wii U! Topics include: writing love songs, hugging death machines, Splatoon, Virtual Console, Amiibo, Nintendo World Championships,...
    Posted 05/19/15

  • Episode 124: Klingon Kongress
    Kind of a slow week this time. Topics include: eating roadkill, Rock Band 4 instruments, capitalism, anime bs, deck building, Joss Whedon, and more!
    Posted 05/11/15

  • Episode 123: Honey Jackflaps
    Happy Birthday, Jeff! Topics include: Obama, Banjo-Kazooie, Valve paid mods, Paul Blart (as usual), Subway Joust, Ninja Warrior, Elite Beat Agents, and more!
    Posted 05/04/15

  • Episode 122: Obligated to Romance
    Mystakin is back to catch up on some craziness from last week. Topics include: Guitar Hero, ScoreHero being awful, Twitch problems, Wii U sales, Mario Kart DLC, MOBAs, game jams, and more!
    Posted 04/27/15

  • Episode 121: Grandmas Don't Like Fire Emblem
    It's time to Blart it up! Topics include: Paul Blart, midnight movie releases, segways, Smash Bros. DLC, Kingdom Hearts, Guitar Hero Live, battle royal high school, guns, and more!
    Posted 04/21/15

  • Episode 120: Hardcore Capri-Sun
    Another 40 episodes have passed, and the show's producer Owen returns to flip everything on its head. In a parody of The F Plus podcast, this is just over an hour of terrible things being said.
    Posted 04/13/15

  • Episode 119: Kiss My Sandwich
    Jeff and Mystakin name a bunch of classic movies, and Paolo has not seen any of them. Plus some other stuff happens. Topics include: Blazing Saddles, Super Troopers, Flux, remapping buttons, Rock Band instruments, chat t...
    Posted 04/06/15

  • Episode 118: The Eric & Erich Show III
    Once again, it's time for everyone's favorite morning show! So expect lots of wrestling talk since no one is around to stop them! Topics include: Basketsports, Wrestling Isn't Wrestling, Magic/Hearthstone, PAXAMANIA, ...
    Posted 03/23/15

  • Episode 117: Bahston Cahk
    The Echo Crew is back from PAX East, and are here to tell you (and Mystakin) about it! Topics include: Food that's gone too far, being snowed in, a bucket of food, Jeff discovers Uber, getting lost in Boston, Rock Band ...
    Posted 03/17/15

  • Episode 116: Obama's Llama Trauma for Osama
    This week is a 2-man 'cast as Jeff and Rhythm Bastard avoid Pre-PAX Pox to talk about the hottest topics. Topics include: The Dress, Llama Drama, Amiibos, Magic, movies, PrimeGate, and more!
    Posted 03/02/15

  • Episode 115: You Can't Spell "Dong" Without "God"
    This week some of the Echo crew are snowed in and worried of threats from swat teams. Topics include: SNOW, bumper cars, Castle in the Darkness, getting a PS4, taxes, God Dong, Indie Box, swatting, when to point a gun at...
    Posted 02/24/15

  • Episode 114: Most Dicks Aren't Impressive
    Rhythm Bastard is fresh off attending NXT Takeover: RIVAL, so expect a bit of wrestling talk this week. Topics include: Sublime with Rome, PTO plans, WWE NXT, freedom of speech, Shaggy, a Legion of Doom for government, J...
    Posted 02/17/15

  • Episode 113: Misdemeanors are the Nickelback of Crime
    The Super Bowl is still a totally relevant topic, right? Topics include: Packages, the Super Bowl halftime show, how good the actual game was until the end, Breaking Madden, Hitchhike's Guide, Spinal Tap, Amazon Prime, ...
    Posted 02/09/15

  • Episode 112: Dr Pppr
    Jeff's back with tales from PAX South! Topics include: PAX East memories, Nvidia giving away stuff, Paperback, Durr Pepper, Magic, Sanicball, weird mashup game names, and more!
    Posted 02/03/15

  • Episode 111: My Dog Ran Over My Truck
    Jeff is in Texas for PAX South, but the show must go on! Topics include: sandwiches, music taste equating your ability to have an opionion, college eating, anime Jared Leto, the President cutting wrestling promos, Window...
    Posted 01/27/15

  • Episode 110: Rock Band is Back, Y'all
    With new Rock Band DLC being released after 21 months, the Echo Crew spends this episode speculating about the future of the franchise, as well as discuss making music.
    Posted 01/20/15

  • Episode 109: I Like the Cost of Your Buzzard
    2015 is here, and The Echo Crew is back from their holiday break! Topics include: what everyone did on their break, Patrick Kelepek leaving Giant Bomb, Awesome Game Done Quick, getting a job, mobile gaming, Persona, and ...
    Posted 01/12/15

  • Episode 108: The 2014 Echo-y Awards
    Put on your tuxedos and fancy dresses! This is the last regular Echo Chamber of 2014, so The Echo Crew gives out their end of the year awards...maybe? Topics include: The Interview situation, the Steam auction, gift card...
    Posted 12/24/14

  • Episode 107: We're Sorry, Even Though We're Not, But Seriously We Are
    This week The Echo Crew is talking about web comics and a bunch of horrible things. Topics include: improv comedy, new Skype, convention room names, Homestuck, inappropriate topics, Yama-Con, Sailor Moon, DBZ, poisoning ...
    Posted 12/16/14

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