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The Echo Chamber is a music podcast. Well... sometimes. The Echo Crew consists of Jeff Webster, Paolo Viteri, The Rhythm Bastard, Mystakin, and The AnimeCow - a group of musicians and gamers that were brought together through the Rock Band video games. Each week they talk about the the latest news in music, gaming, or whatever happens to be on their minds. You never know what to expect!


  • Episode 122: Obligated to Romance
    Mystakin is back to catch up on some craziness from last week. Topics include: Guitar Hero, ScoreHero being awful, Twitch problems, Wii U sales, Mario Kart DLC, MOBAs, game jams, and more!
    Posted 04/27/15

  • Episode 121: Grandmas Don't Like Fire Emblem
    It's time to Blart it up! Topics include: Paul Blart, midnight movie releases, segways, Smash Bros. DLC, Kingdom Hearts, Guitar Hero Live, battle royal high school, guns, and more!
    Posted 04/21/15

  • Episode 120: Hardcore Capri-Sun
    Another 40 episodes have passed, and the show's producer Owen returns to flip everything on its head. In a parody of The F Plus podcast, this is just over an hour of terrible things being said.
    Posted 04/13/15

  • Episode 119: Kiss My Sandwich
    Jeff and Mystakin name a bunch of classic movies, and Paolo has not seen any of them. Plus some other stuff happens. Topics include: Blazing Saddles, Super Troopers, Flux, remapping buttons, Rock Band instruments, chat t...
    Posted 04/06/15

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