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The Heel Book Notebook

Fave Five: Jan. 17, 2014

By: Owen Douglass | Posted 01/17/14

The Fave Five is a list of our favorite superstars and divas based on the past of WWE programming and social media activity. We base the list solely on what they have done during the past week and their placement from the previous week's list has no bearing.

5) Mojo Rawley

This week on NXT Mojo gave us a reason to stay hyped. The energetic superstar faced everyone's most-hated NXT Champion Bo Dallas, and he seems to yell a lot more during his match. Him constantly telling Bo he's "not hyped enough" while flying around the ring was entertaining enough to earn a spot on this week's list.

4) The Usos

The Usos have been on fire lately, ever since starting this program with The Wyatt Family. With The Shield preoccupied, they are currently the second hottest tag team behind The BRhodes in the revitalized tag team division. It's odd how over you can get by getting more time on the mic and video packages.

3) Daniel Bryan

We've enjoyed Daniel Bryan's stint as a member of The Wyatt Family, and although it was cut way too short, it's great to see him embracing the "Yes" chants again and hitting his signature moves. Oh, and did we mention he fixed the timeline diversion he accidentally created at SummerSlam this Monday on Raw? Yeah, that's kind of a big deal.

2) Tyler Breeze

Prince Pretty was in the opening match this week on NXT, and once again that is the best match of the show. He pushed Adrian Neville to try some new things in the match and both of them put in a great effort. Tyler Breeze really understands this character both in and out of the ring, and hopefully it pays off soon.

1) Ryback

We don't always pay full attention to WWE Main Event, but The Big Guy changed that this week. Ryback interrupted EVERY SINGLE MATCH just to mock and taunt the audience around ringside. However this iteration of the character came from, whether it was creative's idea or just stemmed out of his bizarre tweets, Ryback currently does Rule.

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