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The City

Artist: The Giraffes

Album: Ruled

Year: 2011

Genre: Rock

Price: $1.99

Release Date: 2012-11-29


This is the third song off The Giraffes' 2011 album "Ruled".

Somewhere along the way, rock n' roll lost its edge and humor to a tawdry compromise with commercial success and the tired hackery that goes along with the trumping of "the next big thing." Ever since the world has bathed in the hyperbole of bad promotion when a bucket of sh*t to the face would've been just as sufficient. Rock is dead and Chuck Eddy killed it. But for a moment, let's consider Brooklyn's own, The Giraffes.

The Giraffes don't need hyperbole. They are here to play music as loud, as nasty and apologetically rock as they can. See them live and feel free to throw things at them while they play for they're just as apt to throw it back at you and make you deaf in the bargain. Yeah, they are serious musicians, talented and dedicated too, but let your ears testify to that.