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Beautiful Girl

Artist: Sophie B. Hawkins

Album: Wilderness

Year: 2004

Genre: Pop-Rock

Price: $0.99

Release Date: 2010-09-04


"Beautiful Girl" is the first track off of Sophie B. Hawkins' 2004 album Wilderness.

Sophie's Take:

I like that this song is dark and light. Its about talking to a young girl, someone who is disappearing rather than facing her situation. Im the older girl, reaching out to her in the first lyric: Are you all right? Is there a light? But shes not; even that fast guitar part is saying, Dont just go away with your addiction. Come back and bust out! Its like talking to Sleeping Beauty, telling her to wake up--not in the days of white dresses, but now, in the street. And off course, Im actually talking to the young woman inside of me