Ozone Entertainment

Rock Band Network

American Hero

Artist: Ron Wasserman

Album: -

Year: 2010

Genre: Rock

Price: $1.99

Release Date: 2010-05-29


This is an EXCLUSIVE song by Ron Wasserman for the Rock Band Network.

Ron Wasserman has done music for TV and movies for years. His most famous work includes music for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (including the "Go Go Power Rangers" theme song), The Batman, and the 90's X-Men cartoon series.

This song tells the story of the American Hero, a freaky superhero with blue hair, a sweet costume, and looks that make women faint. With Ron's iconic vocals and some awesome fretwork, this is a song of heroic proportions!

Ozone Entertainment is proud to present this never-before-released track and hope you enjoy rocking out to it!