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Heel Turn


  • 11/05/14
    Owen and John are joined by returning guest Mystakin for Episode 101 to discuss the WWE Network being on fire, the return of Mr. McMahon, the person to beat Rusev, Sami Zayn's redemption tour, and more!
    Posted 11/06/14

  • 10/29/14
    On the 100th episode (which we totally forgot about), Owen and John discuss desert RKOs, Elimination Chamber rumors, WWE 2K15, Hell in a Cell results, and more!
    Posted 10/30/14

  • 10/22/14
    John and Owen reluctantly prepare for Hell in a Cell by discussing Orton/Cena AGAIN, which match should end the night, give their full predictions, and more!
    Posted 10/24/14

  • 10/15/14
    John returns to join Owen to discuss the latest WWE firings, Daniel Bryan's health, Bondtista, the lackluster build for Hell in a Cell, and more!
    Posted 10/16/14

  • 10/08/14
    With John out, Owen brings in Giant Bomb moderator Trace "Two Scoops" Evans to talk about the 2015 Royal Rumble, Wyatt rumors, Mizdow and Enzo's greatness, and more!
    Posted 10/09/14

  • 10/01/14
    Owen and John discuss GFW Presents NJPW, Hulk Hogan in Crazy Taxi, pitch an 30-Man Andre the Giant Memorial AgroCrag, and more!
    Posted 10/02/14

  • 09/24/14
    We launched a web site! Owen and John lay out the plan for ProWrestling.Cool, as well as recap Night of Champions and the latest in NXT.
    Posted 09/25/14

  • 09/18/14
    Owen and John step away from SuperCard to discuss NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, Raw being the worst, and attempt to be interested in Night of Champions.
    Posted 09/19/14

  • NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way PreShow
    John and Owen return to YouTube to prepare you for NXT's third live special, breaking down the card and picking who will come out victorious.
    Posted 09/14/14

  • 09/04/14
    Owen returns to join John to discuss CM Punk suing WWE, The Miz being fantastic, Raw being awful, and more!
    Posted 09/05/14

  • 08/28/14
    Left to his own devices, John brings in Schmax co-hosts Max Lerner and Shaun Hinklein, and pro wrestling legend "Scott Steiner," for a riveting discussion on getting newcomers into wrestling, Kaiju Big Battel, Bray Wyatt's figure, Robert Rodriguez's lawyers, the G1 Climax, and more! Along the way, John learns an important lesson in why Owen doesn't edit this.
    Posted 09/03/14

  • 08/21/14
    Owen and John forgot to make show notes, so they stumble through recapping SummerSlam, WWE's new branding, attending shows, and more!
    Posted 08/25/14

  • Fantasy Booking: WWE SummerSlam 2014
    Owen and John turn SummerSlam on its head by booking a gimmick-filled nightmare. But I thought that was implied.
    Posted 08/15/14

  • 08/14/14
    John and Owen (despite being on vacation) prepare you for SummerSlam and update you on the latest goings on in NXT and TNA!
    Posted 08/15/14

  • 08/07/14
    Owen and John discuss the WWE Network numbers, $9,99, Del Rio's release, $9.99, NXT stars graduating soon, $9.99, SLATERMANIA, $9.99 and more!
    Posted 08/08/14

  • 07/30/14
    Owen and John are joined by resident TNA expert Mystakin to talk about the company being potentially dropped by Spike TV and where they can go from there. They also talk some about Darth Sheamus, Jesse Ventura, Main Event being awesome, and more!
    Posted 07/31/14

  • 07/24/14
    Owen and John discuss Comic-Con, Battleground, Steph's arrest, The New Nation, SLATER GATOR, and more!
    Posted 07/25/14

  • Fantasy Booking: WWE Battleground 2014
    John and Owen are ready to turn Battleground around! They book a show full of fatalities, mistaken identities, flag waving, spiders, and a whole lot of Bo Dallas.
    Posted 07/18/14

  • 07/17/14
    Owen and John prepare for Sunday's Battleground by discussing Sting, Owen's live event experience, Emma's return, Bo being Bo, NXT being good and bad, PPV predictions, and more!
    Posted 07/18/14

  • 07/10/14
    Owen and John are here with a FREE PREVIEW WEEK (shh, every week is free). They discuss Santino's retirement, Angle's possible WWE return, Ustream no longer doing iPPVs, Sandow's amnesia, and more!
    Posted 07/11/14

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